Safe Gatherings Tip

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Are your applicants having trouble finding their church, school, or organization during the registration process? We’ve made changes to help clarify the process.

“My church or organization isn’t on the list” is a common statement from applicants who are new to Safe Gatherings. That’s why Safe Gatherings has added new language to the first page of the registration to help simplify the process. The new verbiage, “Please start typing any of part of your organization name that is unique …” lets applicants know they can have a better search experience. For example, the applicant may enter into the search box “First UMC of Lawrence,” but the system may have the church in the system as “First United Methodist Church of Lawrence.” Initially, the applicant may not find the church. However, if he or she types “Lawrence,” the options will come up right away.

Any questions about the application or administrative side of Safe Gatherings? We are happy to help at 888.241.8258.