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Our vision is for a world in which all children, youth, and vulnerable adults are protected and feel safe.

Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in, which is why Safe Gatherings has created a comprehensive system that screens and educates staff and volunteers – to help prevent abuse and make the world a safer place for those among us who are most vulnerable.

Safe Gatherings is a program that your organization can implement right now.

Here’s how it works:

Amy is the leader of a camping organization that serves 500 youth each summer.

Amy wants to make sure all of her staff and volunteers are trained and vetted, starting with herself. So Amy goes to safegatherings.com and clicks on “Get Started.”

Amy completes a quick and easy online application. Once it’s submitted, Safe Gatherings kicks into high gear.

First, Amy has access to the Safe Gatherings online abuse prevention and boundary awareness training. It’s about one and one-half hours in length and covers best practices, how to recognize signs of abuse, and how to handle reporting.

At the same time, Amy’s electronic reference checks are emailed to the two references she specified in her application.

Simultaneously, Amy’s background checks are being processed.

Amy completes her training, her background checks come back clean, her references are reviewed, and Amy is Safe Gatherings approved!

Next, Amy tells all of her staff to go to safegatherings.com and start their approval process! As the administrator for her camp, Amy can track who has and has not been approved.

This gives Amy peace of mind, and she also lets all of her campers’ parents know that her staff has been Safe Gatherings approved—giving them peace of mind as well.

Safe Gatherings is easy, online, and helps protect your organization, your staff and volunteers, and the people you serve.

If you have questions about Safe Gatherings, call us toll free at 888.241.8258 or start training ALL of your staff and volunteers today at safegatherings.com!