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CongregationU is a sister company of Safe Gatherings. In working with churches across the country, we discovered a need for training in many aspects of church life. This training, when extended to clergy, staff, volunteers, and laity in an online format, enables everyone in the church to learn at their own pace, on their own time.

Course topics range from security and safety to leadership and management, as well as tougher topics such as abuse prevention. Our course list is always growing to provide courses that serve today’s church needs, and we also work with churches to put their own course materials online.

Check out our courses at https://congregationu.com/course-list/.

When congregants are empowered with knowledge, they do better in all aspects of the church or ministry life in which they serve. This knowledge translates into more efficient clergy and staff, and more willing volunteers.


Educate congregations through efficient online training about relevant, timely topics.

People are thirsty for knowledge. When you offer your congregants opportunities to learn, they do better work, and ultimately that helps all areas of your church. Our mission is to provide you with the tools for knowledge so your church can soar in all ways.


Unite congregations through e-learning.

In the church, your people are your most important asset. By providing online learning on a variety of topics, we strive to help churches everywhere invest in their clergy, staff, volunteers, and congregation as a whole.