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We offer Clergy Ethics and Congregational Boundaries as an online training option through Safe Gatherings. Purchase now. This course has been updated for Fall 2022!

Clergy members and other ministry leaders are faced with ethical determinations in their personal lives every day, as we all are as humans. The decisions made in those ordinary moments can have long-term positive or negative consequences. Clergy and ministerial leaders are often expected to make all the right decisions AND have all the right answers.

An ethical clergy person who maintains healthy boundaries can move a congregation forward to do its best work. On the other hand, unethical behavior coupled with unhealthy boundaries can create a ripple effect that is felt in a congregation for years to come.

Clergy members must be ready to face life’s everyday predicaments, grounded in the mission given to them by their congregation and the community they serve.

This 2-hour, 7-module course addresses common predicaments posed by ministry life. It can be used as a comprehensive introduction to ethics or as a refresher course. Modules include scenarios for deeper reflection. A certificate of completion is presented upon successful passing of the final exam.

The course is $29 and can be purchased here.