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We are now offering the Clergy & Ministerial Ethics course as an online training option through Safe Gatherings. Purchase now.

Clergy members and other ministry leaders are often expected to not only make all of the right decisions, but also have all of the answers. They are faced with ethical determinations in their personal lives every day, as we all are as humans. The decisions made in those ordinary moments can have long-term positive or negative consequences.

As a person charged with leading a church, a clergy member makes decisions at a level that can be far-reaching–more so than people in other professions. Ethical clergy can propel a congregation forward to do its best work. Unethical behavior, on the other hand, can have a ripple effect and seriously erode the fabric of an entire congregation.

This 6-module, 2-hour course, will take users through the top issues challenging today’s clergy and church leadership, and how they can navigate these ethical conundrums. Some of these issues include technology, sexualized behavior and misconduct, addiction, behavior with children and youth, narcissism, plagiarism, and more. Learn more about the course here.

The course is $22 and can be purchased here.