6 Ways to Control Your Temper

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

It’s been a tough week at work, you aren’t making any progress and projects are piling up … or maybe you argued with your spouse before you came into church this morning. We all get mad once in awhile. Anger can be a normal, healthy emotion or a response to a threat when we are in survival mode.

But bringing anger into work or volunteer service with you is a bad idea. If you keep your anger in check, you can set the example for others. No-drama, low-anger environments are good for everyone. Here are 6 ways to keep your temper under control:

  1. Take a minute. Breathe deeply, “from the gut.” We tell our children to take a time-out to think about a situation. It’s good advice—even for adults. Sometimes humor can help diffuse a potentially hairy situation, but use good judgment when trying to lighten the mood.
  2. Don’t drive. If you are having an angry moment, pause before you get behind the wheel. After all, getting in your car and dealing with other drivers could add to your already shaky temperament.
  3. Avoid getting involved in others’ arguments. If you are someone who enjoys jumping in to “help” or take sides in an argument, resist the urge. Your gut will tell you when to back off or stay away. Conflict can be a normal, productive part of life, but you shouldn’t step in unless your presence is requested.
  4. Know your trigger points. Certain things make certain people angry. If someone in your group enjoys pushing your buttons, find ways to avoid that person. If you have to be around that person for an extended period of time, don’t let him or her know it bothers you.
  5. Walk away. Your blood pressure will thank you. The person or situation can wait a few minutes, but in the time you are walking away, you may react differently than you would have in the moment.
  6. Pray. This will take the focus off of your own situation, and put it into His hands. When you are done speaking with God, you might find your burdens have been lifted!