Go Ahead: Make My Day!

Monday, January 24th, 2022

I think we can all agree on one thing: it’s been a difficult couple of years for most people. Covid-19 has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind, whether it’s been an illness or death among family and friends, an uncertain work situation or the general sense of unrest.

In challenging times, we also know that kindness makes a difference, and the act of giving usually makes us feel better, too. Here are 5 ways you can make someone else’s day—and receive that joy back tenfold.

1) Buy someone a cup of coffee. Sometimes a cup of coffee or tea is not just a liquid refreshment—it’s a gesture that can make someone’s day! It means they didn’t have to prepare it themselves, or maybe they choose a specialty beverage that they would never make on their own. Give them the gift of a few minutes of relaxation as they enjoy that beverage. Cold or hot, a handmade beverage can make someone’s day!

2) Offer to do some yard work. There are some people who look forward to the change of seasons: the falling leaves or a beautiful snowfall. There are others who see these natural events as a nuisance: it means they have to rake leaves, shovel snow, etc. If you are physically able to lend a hand, make someone’s day by helping. If you are already shoveling your own driveway, help a neighbor by taking care of their sidewalks.

3) Volunteer more. For some people, volunteering is a regular activity built into their schedules. For others, they can’t seem to find the time. Make someone’s day by committing to a volunteer assignment. Look toward your church or organization to help you find something that works with your schedule. Make it something you will enjoy or that is of personal interest so you’ll want to volunteer more regularly.

4) Write someone a personal note. For the cost of a stamp, you can make someone’s day! Send someone a card or a letter. There doesn’t need to be a specific purpose, but imagine the joy you might bring when that person finds it in their mailbox. Keep it short by saying “hello” or “thinking of you.” Who knows, they may return the favor and you may find one in your own mailbox shortly after.

5) Ask someone what they need. For people who are struggling, it is always good to know that someone cares enough to ask. Ask someone what may help a situation they are in, and then see if you can meet the need. It may be monetary, but there also may be a different solution. Even if you can’t help with that particular need, you may know someone who can. At the very least, the person knows that you cared enough to ask.

Let’s all commit to making someone’s day soon!