Nearly 40 years ago, 6-year-old Etan Patz disappeared from his SoHo neighborhood in New York City. He went missing on his way to a school bus stop in May 1979 and was never seen again. He was one of the first missing children to appear on a milk carton.

This month, the case was put to rest when Pedro Hernandez, a 56-year-old convenience store clerk from the boy’s neighborhood, was convicted of killing Etan.

Each case of child abuse, whether solved or unsolved, is a tragedy. In this case, the abuser may have been a stranger to the boy. But 90% of children who are abused know their abuser.

What does this mean for those who manage risk in a church, school, or organization? Each person who volunteers or works with children and youth should be screened and trained.

Safe Gatherings makes this process easy. Our comprehensive system includes:

  • 1.5-hour online abuse prevention training
  • Electronic reference submission, evaluation, and processing
  • Managed applicant review and administration
  • Administrative tracking and reporting
  • National, state, and county background checks and offender registry checks

Establish best practices for your church, school, or organization—and give your staff and volunteers the tools they need to fight abuse.

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