Partner Up
If you’ve been volunteering or working with vulnerable populations for any amount of time, you most likely are familiar with the concept of two-deep leadership. Two-deep leadership, which ensures that there are at least two unrelated, non-cohabitating adults in classrooms, youth meetings or other activities, should be one of the foremost components of your church’s abuse prevention policy.

It’s no surprise that the reason for emphasis on this policy is because it helps protect everyone—both the vulnerable and the ministry leaders and volunteers. Activities and communication are as transparent and open as possible.

What Would You Do?
You are working in the children’s department at your church and parents are starting to arrive for pickup. Someone comes to the checkout area and says they are a family friend of one of the children, and that the parents asked them to pick up the child while they were speaking to the pastor. The child runs over and seems to know the person. What do you do?

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