Eyes Wide Open

When an abuse situation becomes breaking news, it is often accompanied by interviews with neighbors, family, friends, or others in the community who “wish they would have said something,” or saw the signs but, “weren’t sure,” and didn’t want to violate anyone’s privacy. Sometimes, people knew something was “off,” but failed to say anything.

In your organization, are your eyes and ears open? Don’t be the one who wishes they would have said something. If you suspect something is going on, report it! Read More

What would you do

What Would You Do?

Imagine this scenario: You are a staff member at a youth camp, and a parent approaches you with questions about your showering policies.

You look through your policies but can’t find anything related to the topic. What do you do? Read More

The Art of Grooming

The Disturbing Art of Grooming

If you look up the term “grooming” on a dictionary website, you’ll find a definition that sounds like this: “to get into readiness for a specific objective.”

What exactly does grooming mean when it comes to the process of preying on the vulnerable? If you are working with children or youth, it’s important that you recognize its multiple layers. Read More

Admin Tip

Admin Tip

We’d like to share some good news with you about a new feature you can share with your applicants. They now can recover their username if they have forgotten it! Click to see how we are continually improving our system. Read More

“To me there is no picture so beautiful as smiling, bright-eyed, happy children; no music so sweet as their clear and ringing laughter.”—P.T. Barnum