3-28-2017 promo

The long winter days are behind us and spring has sprung. As a busy staff member, you are probably juggling today’s activities, planning for next week, and thinking ahead to summer events. Do you have a plan in place for the staff and volunteers who will work these events?

Here’s what we know: Kids want to feel safe. Parents want to trust that you have measures in place to protect their children and youth. A combination of screening and training is the most effective way to keep your church, school, or organization free from abuse. When people know the signs and are vigilant, they are in a better mindset to protect those under their care.

Here’s how Safe Gatherings works:

  • Quick, easy, and secure application
  • Comprehensive abuse prevention training
  • Multiple background and reference checks
  • Online data management for administrators

Here’s how to get started today: 888.241.8258 · www.safegatherings.com · info@safegatherings.com