Use Your Hands

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

Back in the old days, many goods like butter and bread were made, not bought at a store. It’s important to pass along the skills of the past, and with modern technology (like video), it’s even easier. Why not teach a young person a new skill when they are looking for something to do? It’s OK if you are learning something in the process!

Here are some ideas, all of which are inexpensive and may be able to be made with materials or ingredients you have at home. The links are just suggestions; you can browse the Internet for these topics and come up with more videos than you need!

Make butter (this will strengthen their arm muscles, too):

Sourdough bread starter:

Tie-dye a shirt:

And of course, make a no-sew mask:

Pass these ideas along to those in your church or organization, and then share their accomplishments via social media. It’s a great way to get people interacting and making connections even when they aren’t seeing each other for weekend worship or other weekly activities.