Safe Gatherings - What are you doing to respond?
Anyone who’s picked up a newspaper or read any headlines lately has seen news about the grand jury report regarding abuse in Pennsylvania. The jury pulled no punches in its report, detailing graphic personal accounts of abuse, bystanders who chose not to get involved, parents who looked the other way, and perpetrators who went unpunished and were protected by the system.
Rather than throw stones at any individual group, it’s time to face reality: abuse can and does happen anywhere to anyone. It’s not one denomination, one area of the country, or one demographic. Too many people look the other way, not wanting it to be their responsibility or their problem. Be a warrior in the fight against abuse.
It’s past time for non-action, and high time for a review of your protection policies and practices.
Safe Gatherings can help. Our system includes:
  • 1.5-hour online abuse prevention training
  • Electronic reference submission, evaluation, and processing
  • Applicant review process
  • National, state, and county background checks and offender registry checks
  • Administrative tracking and reporting
Make sure all of your staff and volunteers are Safe Gatherings approved. Train everyone so they can keep watch over the vulnerable. Contact us today at 888.241.8258 or!