What Would You Do? Spring 2023

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

You have been a volunteer at your organization for many years. You serve in many different areas, including the children’s department and during camp season. Your children’s ministry director comes to you expressing interest in your help as part of a committee updating the organization’s policies. You don’t have any experience in policymaking, so you tell her you don’t think you are the right fit. The director asks if you will at least give commentary on the policies after they are updated. What do you do?

First, it is a great thing that your organization is taking efforts to update its policies. Whether they are one year old or five years old, it is good to start a habit of an annual review. Situations change, and your policies should reflect these changes, no matter how small.

Second, it is also a good sign that your director wants your help. As an active volunteer, you have a fresh perspective and a lot to offer. When updating policies, organizations should get opinions not only from leadership, but also from staff and volunteers, as well as people who use your services. If you can make it work in your schedule, go ahead and volunteer to help shape your organization’s policies. You’ll probably get a lot of satisfaction from the process.